"Rising from the bed, awoken by the sound of running water, thinking "that's strange, there's no one else here"...padding on silent bare feet to the bathroom, steam seeping from the door, which is slightly ajar. Thickly covering the room I barely make out the shadow and eyes widen as a squeak of shocked surprise escapes my lips, you! Oh my god, my sweetest dream, here! Real!


Your head snaps up and you stand there, mid-stroke, gun-metal-gray eyes locked with mine, refusing to break the spell, you watch as i disrobe, slowly turning to hang the kimono on its hook behind the door, firmly shutting and hearing the finality of a lock clicking into place. Intense stare devours my curves as i slide towards you, the soft curve of my belly, pleasing saunter of a well-trained slave's hips, wave upon wave of hair in wild disarray from my fevered sleep, lower lip swollen from biting it to keep from crying your name in the darkness of my secret dreams.


Nimbly snatching a towel from the rack on the wall, without words our eyes unable to break from their mutual enthrallment of each other, you watch me fold the towel neatly and drop it to the floor of the shower in front of you. You move to take a step back, to allow me entrance but my whisper stops you, "no." It is the only word spoken between us. No more than an inch in front of you, close enough to feel my darkened nipples brushing your water-streamed chest, sending a shudder through your body, I sink to my knees, on the towel so I don't lose my balance and slip. Doe brown eyes, large and soft in desire, misty in the dream like state induced by the foggy paradise of our watery haven, lift to yours, roaming the length of you, tearing up though half hidden by the steam, sharp teeth gathering my quivering lower lip between their edges, desperate to control my burgeoning need to soak all of you up at once, to slow down, savouring this precious gift we've been given.


My hands shake as I dare to touch your legs, from your ankles up, fingers kneading the muscle tense beneath your skin. Senses overwhelmed by the sight, smell and touch of you, hotly erotic images floating through my mind, fed by yours. Mesmerized, you brand me with your gaze, silent and sentient, as you watch my breasts, nipples turgid with aching desire, sway provocatively as I lean forward to place firm, long kisses to your flesh, traveling my way upward toward the seat of your raging need. Dipping my head close, nudging your thighs apart ever so slightly, insinuating myself beneath you, rising up to slip my tongue, hot and wet, over your freshly shaven sac, feeling the jump in them from the feather light touch. My kiss sends a sigh exploding from your lips, jaw clenching immediately in a feral, sensual growl. Your hand falls away from your rampant hardness to caress my hair, water beading over it, through it, streaming over the dark strands which cling to my shoulders, lovingly brushing tendrils away from my face, that your view might not be obscured.


You see the darkened warmth of my mouth open wider as I enclose your head inside, drawing deeply, as if fangs might explode and i would drink voraciously from that virgin blood source. White hot pain/pleasure lances your veins from the force of my suckling mouth, and you fight to remain standing, feeling as if you've finally come home at last. Your fist grips my hair as your hips thrust uncontrollably into me, feeling my throat open up, inviting and hot, tongue lapping at the throbbing member that fills me.


The clean smell of soap is overpowered as the scent of our need mingles, expands and soaks into our very pores. I feel drunk with the pleasure of tasting you, reveling in the power that comes from knowing You are pleased with me. Further you thrust into me, my sweet, pliant mouth, the hot acceptance of my lips sliding in deliciously wanton friction over your sensitive flesh. Moaning deeply from inside myself, feeling the honey of my dripping, throbbing cunt pouring down my thigh, quaking so hard from wishing I could have all of you, every minute of every day, it would never be enough. One sure hand cupping your balls in loving caress, squeezing them gently, exciting you to a frenzied pace, I steal a glance upward to find your head thrown back, giving over to the abandon of your mate's carnal need of your Dominating lust, fueled more by the love that feeds it.


With a gutteral cry, reminiscent of a mountain beast, suddenly holding my head still as you pound once, twice, three times, hard, painfully hard, into my delicate mouth, fist firmly entrenched in my hair, the explosion of your juices pour forth, You hear me gag but You are merciless, making me know without doubt that i am yours, to serve your pleasure, shamelessly, as any wanton tavern slut who patrols the docks looking to find patrons for her owner's place of business. Immediately escaping my lips, running down the sides of my mouth, dripping off my chin to bounce onto my rippling skin, nipples soaking it up as if they were starved for such heavenly manna, my nails dig into your ass cheeks, holding you to me, leaving me with a feeling of immense satisfaction to know that those little crescent moon marks will darken, and no one will see the brand that proclaims you Mine. With a few final, shallow thrusts, you spend your last cell of essence into my welcoming, possessing mouth, as I slip my lips from your still throbbing cock to look up at you, mouth full of your seed, watching me swallow every drop that I managed to hold inside.


Sheltered as I was from the shower's stream, the water has not washed away the remnants of what was too much for me to take, gooey and warm, sticky and milky over my already fair face, you release my hair and help me to my feet, limbs shaking horribly from my unfilled core, still desperately needing you, as only you can satisfy this burning longing within. Eyes lock once more as you smile at me, leaning down the few inches to my tear streaked, flushed face, this time it's your tongue that snakes out, to clean away the last vestiges of your love, teasing my trembling lips and tickling my chin; breaking the spell, i giggle softly, echoing in the walls of our dream shower. "


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