I lie awake at night and sometimes think about my life and where I am going...the paths I choose. There are decisions I must make, experiences I will face, and obstacles to overcome. The paths I travel are winding and long, with many bends and curves, rivers and bridges, and a myriad of mountains and fences yet to cross.

In my minds eye, I see the ground laid before me, as my soul flies over this magnificent landscape that is the life I am to lead. The roads are weary, but filled with wonder. The people I will meet are as varied as the leaves of each tree I pass.

Some will seek to hurt me, force reluctant tears of sorrow and anguish from my eyes. Others will aid me, with odd bits of wisdom to guide me on my way, for which I am grateful. And then there are those precious few, those who touch my soul so deeply that I weep with happiness; fearfully, as if I might expire from sheer joy, and the sense of fullness within my inner self.

I traverse the mountains, where I feel that I will die of fright and fatigue. It is unfeelingly cold, desolate, and at the same time, breathtaking and blindingly beautiful. At times I despair of ever reaching the top, where lies the pass through which I must go. I feel desperately lonely, as if having been deserted by all those I cherish and hold dear. At last! I am through, and I do not neglect to kneel and humbly thank God.

The rivers are a time of peace and reflection. As I float on the current, resting in my vessel, I gaze upon the tapestry of my life past...memories made, goals attained (or not), and experiences I have been through. I close my eyes and sigh, thinking that although there have been many times shared, good and bad alike, there is not one single thing in my life that I would change... for I have finally reached you.

drh November 1996


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