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Head Injury can trigger hypopituitarism – article

| September 12, 2009

Head injury can trigger hypopituitarism.(Endocrinology) Internal Medicine News – February 1, 2005 Michele G. Sullivan Word count: 455. citation details NEW ORLEANS — A head injury can cause immediate hypopituitarism that may last for up to 12 months and set the stage for new onset pituitary deficiencies during that time, researchers said at the annual […]

Fabulous article by Dr. Brownstein

| September 7, 2009 Dr. Brownstein’s thoughts on dessicated thyroid, the national shortage of thyroid products, their future and what Armour patients can do to ride out the wave.

Medco Thyroid Scandal – from Mary Shomon’s site

| August 7, 2009

This is from Mary Shomon’s site, and her letter to Medco demanding answers to their scandalous (and entirely unethical) letter distributed to doctors nationwide regarding dessicated thyroid products. ——————————————– Medco Thyroid Scandal: Thyroid Patients Demand Answers Regarding Misleading Thyroid Drug Shortage Notices Thursday August 6, 2009 Major mail-order pharmacy Medco Health has recently been […]

Adrenal article: NOTE – Adrenal/Thyroid link…

| July 30, 2009

This was posted on RTH, thought it worth sharing here. TREATMENT FOR ADRENAL FATIGUE/ADRENAL EXHUASTION As with low thyroid function, many doctors specializing in environmental illnesses have found that many of their patients have poor adrenal function, also known as adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion, and that after taking steps to correct this their […]

First Magazine article on Thyroid and Armour

| April 28, 2009

Caught this in the check out at the store tonight, HAD to pick it up. Had Tim scan it and email to me.